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Monday – Thursday: 7.30am – 10pm

Friday: 7.30am – 9pm

Saturday: 9am – 2pm


We are CLOSED on Sundays and holidays.

The Slamič café

The Slamič café is a place where you can enjoy excellent food, drinks while you chat with friends or listen to superb live music. On our menu, you will find coffee specialties, a wide selection of teas, selected Slovenian wines, sweet temptations, and excellent daily lunches.

Special occasions require special attention, so at Slamič, we carefully plan every event and consider every detail.

The café’s Red Room is the right choice for press conferences, exclusive interviews, receptions, weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations.

We can accommodate our spaces to a larger or smaller number of visitors and create an intimate atmosphere for various occasions (small parties, anniversaries, or meetings). With culinary delights and, if desired with live music, we make sure that your event at the Slamič café is well rounded.


There is a story behind every espresso we serve. A tale of coffee beans, harvested from the best crop and sent on a special trip to get to the espresso machine. Each cup contains decades of wisdom and thousands of carefully thought-out decisions by the most passionate, insightful coffee experts in the world. The story of Illy’s family history also began in the 1930s.


For all the tea lovers out there, we offer over 40 different types of teas from all over the world. You can choose between excellent fruit infusions, herbal, green, black, and white teas, with or without an added aroma. Within the café, we also have a small tea shop where you can buy loose leaf tea to enjoy at home or to give as gifts to family and friends.


Carefully prepared sweet treats, baked daily, are offered to anyone who wants to sweeten their day. We offer everything from the classic Sacher torte to raw cakes and homemade apple strudel. In the summer, we offer homemade eggless vanilla ice cream with real vanilla. If you like, we can add seasonal fruit or a shot of espresso for an excellent affogato or iced coffee. You can pre-order any of our desserts for parties and other events, and we will be happy to decorate them for you as well. 

The Red Room

The Red Room is a multipurpose space, intended for guests of the café for a peaceful coffee, tea or lunch stop during the day. The space can be rearranged and adjusted to a wide range of content. It can be a conference hall, a space for celebration, or a hall for civil wedding ceremonies, and at least once a week it also comes to life as a live music club.

The room can accommodate up to 100 people.

The Terrace

The spacious terrace of the Slamič Café is a true oasis of peace and comfort in the heart of the city. As soon as the first rays of spring appear, guests can take a moment for themselves and relax in peace with a cup of good coffee or tea, or enjoy a glass of good wine along with culinary delicacies from our kitchen.

On warm summer evenings, the terrace shines in candlelight and comes alive with live music of selected artists.

The terrace can accommodate up to 200 people.