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Since 1932

Slamič’s roots date back to the 1920s. Franc Slamič, born in 1886 in Črnice in the Vipava Valley, and his wife Josipina, born in 1898 in Šentvid pri Stični, in the Dolenjska region, started their joint life and business in Gorizia.

The restless time after the First World War and the arrival of Italian governors who did not favour the Slovenes, forced Franc and Josipina to leave the Goriška region and move to Ljubljana. In Vič, they opened a small inn and ran it for a few years, but their plans were much more ambitious and “complex”. In 1929 they bought and thoroughly renovated the buildings on the corner of Gosposvetska and Kersnikova Streets in the centre of Ljubljana.

The ground floor was dedicated to a butcher shop with modern cold storage, a delicatessen, and mixed goods store. In 1932, a large restaurant was opened on the first floor of the building, which quickly became well known for its excellent food and admirable interior. Daily lunches, dinners, special occasions, and culinary delicacies, prepared from first-class ingredients, attracted numerous guests.

The restaurant on the first floor was decorated with a wall fresco, which was commissioned by Josipina Slamič and painted by the academic painter Stane Cuderman. The fresco portrays a group of young boys and girls in national costumes with a motif of the Church of Our Lady with the prince’s throne on the Gosposvetsko Field in the background.

The great diligence and hard work of the owners and all the employees brought the business quick success and a good name. In a few years, it expanded to five branches in the city, among which the most prestigious was the Slamič Delicatessen on the ground floor of the Slon Hotel. This deli, equipped ahead of its time, with the latest materials and technology, offered a rich selection of homemade, meat delicacies, such as the Slamič hotdog, bread roll with ham, bruschetta, cold roasts and even imported French and other delicacies.

Before the end of the 1930s, in addition to the famous Slamič restaurant, butcher’s shop and delicatessens, the Slamič business successfully launched a meat and “sočivne konserve” production line, on the outskirts of the city, near the Tržaška street in Vič.

The time following the Second World War was no longer favourable to Slovene entrepreneurs. The wave of social change, with company nationalization and state acquisition of family businesses, dramatically interrupted all the business activities of the Slamič family and radically changed its fate.

Since 1997, as descendants of the Slamič family, we have worked with great effort and love, to revive the house’s former glory, in order to enrich its tradition with new life.